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Enroll in the ASIPP Certification Program and obtain an Industrial  Professional Drone Pilot’s License.

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ASIPP Certification Benefits

Operate as a Professional Industrial UAS Pilot inspecting critical facilities and targets:





Pipes & Sewers

Grow your opportunities in the Energy, Oil & Gas, and Commercial Nuclear sectors.


Get in the fast moving business of renewable energies: Learn to inspect windmills, solar power installations and other production facilities.

Oil and Gas

Plants and refineries need constant inspections. Being able to perform this kind of activity will allow huge savings to any client operating these stations.


Being able to use a drone instead of sending an operator in potentially radioactive areas is an incredible step forward in terms of safety.

How ASIPP Training Works

Online E-Learning

Access the ASIPP e-learning platform containing: videos, educational materials, and examples.

Simulator Practice

Access to the Skypersonic drone flight simulator to build your flight skills at no risk.

One on One Classes

Receive one-on-one lessons with a certified professional pilot instructor.

Real Practice Sessions

Get real-life practice by remotely operating a drone that is located in our facilities in USA or Italy.

Final Exam

Get your ASIPP certification  after passing theoretical and practical exams using our remote piloting platform.

ASIPP Pilot Certification Program Topics

Drone Safety

Learn about Safety and Contingency Procedures, to prepare you for the worst.

Confined Space Piloting

Learn the basics of maneuvering an inspection drone within a confined space.

Drone Technology

Learn about Sensors, Telemetry, Cameras, Radio Transmission, and Extender Systems.

Conducting Inspections

Master the skill of inspecting infrastructure with a professional inspection drone.

Legislation and Regulation

Learn how to fly legally, by understanding the laws and regulations regarding drones.

Maintenance and Storage

Ensure flight safety and extend product life by performing regular maintenance.


Obtain your RINA Industrial Drone Pilot Certification through the ASIPP courses.


ASIPP Statistics

Certified Pilots
Flight Hours
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Justin Simkins

Industrial Inspection Pilot - Erock LLC

“Inspection flights indoors and in GPS denied environments are a major part of our companies services. The training and core competencies developed through the ASIPP program have been instrumental to our success in all environments.” 

Derik Melo

Industrial Inspection Pilot - Ford

“The ASIPP Certification Program is a very powerful tool. It provides a large set of useful guidelines, which are helping our team to expand the indoor drone inspection program within the Ford North America testing facilities.”

Obtain Your ASIPP License!

Learn everything it takes to become a world class industrial inspection UAS pilot.

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