This is the e-learning platform of ASIPP: the American Society of Indoor Professional Pilots.

ASIPP is an independent organization providing training to indoor inspection UAV pilots and operators. On this platform, the enrolled users will be able to learn the theoretical part related to flight conduction and safety, practice using a dedicated simulator, and perform the ASIPP certification theoretical test.

As a final part of the training, thanks to proprietary technology, ASIPP cadets will be able to fly a real indoor inspection drone with ultra-low latency in our Detroit (USA) or Turin (Italy) facilities, assisted by an instructor.

The courses are available in English and Italian.

For further information please contact info@asipp.us

    Available courses

    In this course, the student pilot will learn the necessary skills to fly a drone for indoor inspections and conduct related missions.

    Study materials and skill test for the ASIPP Certification

    In questo corso l'allievo pilota apprenderà le abilità necessarie per pilotare un drone per ispezioni indoor e condurre le relative missioni

    Esame teorico per ottenere la certificazione ASIPP di Classe I e II